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A dedicated staff awaits you when you contact Law's Architectural Signs. We have over 70 years of expertise providing companies like yours everything from design and planning, manufacturing and installation of all types of building signs.


We enjoy the communication process. We will help you achieve your goals whether it's directing people with building directories, wayfinding signage and room IDs, or branding with dimensional letters, logos and wall graphics. Every attention to detail and respect for your direction is met with a desire to provide you the best signs to meet your needs.

Our professional staff will assist you to accomplish your signage goals, and if you have the expertise in your own organization, we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

Sign Survey

Sign survey including locating existing signs on floor plans.

Measuring Walls for new Signs

Verification of wall dimensions for accuracy in design.

Digital Photography For Planning

Digital photography for planning and design purposes.


We work with you to make your sign system as beautiful to look at as it is functional.


We design your signs and sign systems with the greatest attention to detail.

Design 2

Our expert staff will make recommendations and offer options.

We offer many options for your sign systems.

over 70 years in business allows us to show you samples of every type of sign or sign system.


We track each and every step of production to insure the highest quality is the end result.

Professional standards and quality control are our way of life. Completing the job on schedule are the hallmarks of our production team.

State of the art production.

Our state of the art plant provides a wide range of options.


All jobs are organized and managed with precision and efficiency.

Attention to detail.

Attention to detail makes every Law's sign a thing of beauty.


Always striving to do the best, we have a proven track record of work and satisfied customers. You can be assured of a quality job from start to finish and all that the installation requires.

Sign Instalation

Our professional installers will make sure your facilities stay clean and running smoothly during the installation process.

Installation 2

Perfection is our aim with every sign we install.

Installation 3

Most installations take only a few hours to complete.

Our Process

  1. We conduct an on-site inspection to assess your needs.
  2. We take photos and measurements of your facility.
  3. We work with you to develop a look-and-feel for your sign system. Including custom design, working to architectural specifications, or offering options from our extensive collection of samples.
  4. We fabricate your signs using the latest manufacturing methods in our state of the art plant located in Miami.
  5. Finally, our courteous and professional installers install your signs without disrupting your business.


Corporate Identity

Letters, Logos & Wall Graphics

Interior Signs

Interior Signs, Wayfinding Systems & Room Identification


Building Directories

Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition